Daily Tanya 5th Sivan Chapter 53: The level of the Shechinah revealed in the second Temple


(LY) 5th Sivan

  1. The Shechinah needs a wick and oil to reside on one’s head:
  • The statement of the Yenuka: Based on all the above, we can now understand the statement of the Yenuka that the upper flame which resides on one’s head requires fuel.
  • The flame is the Shechinah: The flame refers to the Shechinah and the fuel refers to Chochmah. This means that the Shechinah needs to become invested in [the vessel of] Chochmah, which is called in the Zohar by the name Shemen Mishchas Kodesh [for it to be able to reveal itself below].
  • The oil-Mitzvos: For this to be accomplished it requires [in addition to Torah learning, also] the performance of good deeds, which are the fulfillment of Mitzvahs which derive from G-d’s wisdom.
  • The wick-The animal soul: The Mitzvahs serve to hold the light of the Shechinah onto the wick, which is the animal soul found in the body. Just as a physical flame, the flame shines through burning the wick and turning it into fire, so too, the light of the Shechinah resides on the G-dly soul through consuming the animal soul.
  • Transforming the animal soul by Tzaddikim: By Tzaddikim, this consuming of the animal soul by fire of the Shechinah is literal, as they turn the animal soul from darkness to light, and from bitterness to sweet.
  • Transforming the garments of the animal soul by Beinonim: However, even by the Beinoni who does not perform this quality of Avoda, the Shechinah resides on the G-dly soul through them consuming the garments of the animal soul, which is its thoughts, speech, and action, of the performance of the 613 commands.
  • Eliciting a revelation of the infinite light of G-d: Through turning the animal soul, which derives from Kelipas Noga, from darkness to light, it causes a Divine elevation called Haalas Man to draw down the light of the Shechinah, which is the revelation of the infinite light of G-d upon one’s G-dly soul which resides in the brain of one’s head.
  • G-d is a consuming fire: With all this it is understood well the verse “As Hashem your G-d is a consuming fire,” [as it comes to say that G-d is like a fire which a) needs oil provided by the Jew for Him to reside on him, and b) needs a wick that burns, which is the animal soul of a Jew that is subjugated to G-d].

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