Daily Tanya 2nd Nissan: The reward is based on the Avoda

(LY) 2nd Nissan

1. The level of Avoda and spiritual elevation of one who has no love and fear at all:

  • Based on one’s reward one can tell the quality of his Divine service: The reward of a Mitzvah is the Mitzvah itself. This means that one can deduce the essence and level of a given Mitzvah through knowing its reward. This is in reference to the Kavanah one has through doing a Mitzvah.
  • The Divine service of the Merkava Tzadikim: We have no conception of hidden matters such as [the quality of Divine service of] those great Tzadikim who are a Merkava for G-d, [and hence we will not expound on their reward or Divine service]. Rather, we will deal with those Divine services which are attainable which are those who serve G-d with love and fear, either natural or intellectual.
  • Intellectually aroused love and fear-Beriya: Divine service that is performed with a heartfelt and passionate love and fear of G-d, aroused through contemplating G-d’s greatness, resides in the ten Sefiros of the world of Beriya.
  • Naturally aroused love and fear-Yetzirah: Divine service that is performed with a natural intellectual love and fear of G-d, resides in the ten Sefiros of the world of Yetzirah.
  • No love and fear-Remains in the external world: However, an Avoda without any arousal at all of love and fear even in one’s mind, does not get elevated at all and rather remains below in the world of separation [from G-d], which is called the external worlds.
  • The definition of no love and fear: This form of Avoda does not arouse even the natural love that is concealed in the heart of every Jew, to at the very least bring it from its concealed state to a state of revelation in his mind and subconscious parts of his heart. Rather, it remains concealed in the heart in the same state it was before the Avoda.
  • Lacks ability of elevation: This Divine service that is performed without love and fear does not have the power to be elevated and incorporated in G-d’s unity, which are His ten holy Sefiros. This follows the statement brought in Tikkunim that a Mitzvah without love and fear does not become elevated at all and is unable to stand before G-d.

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