Daily Tanya 2nd Adar 2: Middle of Chapter 34-Resolving to study more Torah when the opportunity arrives

(LY) 2nd Adar 2

3.      Resolving to study more Torah when the opportunity arrives:

  • In addition to the above joy within the current time available that one has for Torah study, one should also resolve that if G-d gives him more time, he will dedicate that time for Torah study.
  • A good intent is considered like done by G-d: This resolution itself has the power to make it as if he is already fulfilling it, as a good intent G-d considers like actual deed.

4.      Making an abode for G-d during one’s business dealings through giving charity:

  • Even during other times of the day that one is not studying Torah, but is rather dealing with business, one can become an abode for G-d by giving charity from his income.
  • Making an abode for G-d by being merciful just like G-d: [Giving charity makes for G-d a dwelling place below being that] it follows His character traits, as just as He is merciful so too a person should be merciful, as it states in the Zohar that the right hand of G-d is kindness.
  • Giving 20% of one’s earnings to charity elevates all of one’s time invested in business: Although one only gives 20% of his earnings to charity, which is only 20% of his time, nevertheless, as a result of this distribution, all of the other hours he invested to earn an income, which is another 80% of his time, become a dwelling place below for G-d.
  • A similar ruling regarding sacrifices: Our sages teach us that the Mitzvah of charity is equivalent to all the offerings. Now, just like by sacrifices the entire animal kingdom became elevated through the offering of a single animal, and the entire vegetative kingdom became elevated through one flour offering with olive oil, [so too by charity, it has the power to elevate all of one’s earnings and time invested in making the income].
  • During prayer and Torah learning all of one’s bodily necessities are elevated: Furthermore, [aside for the elevation of all of one’s earnings through charity] when a person studies Torah and prays, everything that he has eaten and drank and benefited from for the sake of his bodily needs and health, also become elevated to Hashem.

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