Daily Tanya 26th Iyar Chapter 51: The difference between the higher and lower worlds


(LY) 26th Iyar

  1. The difference between the higher and lower worlds:
  • A difference in the quality of revelation: The difference between the lower and higher worlds is only regarding the level and quality of revelation of Hashem’s light that they receive from His concealed state.
  • Why the term “light”: In fact, this is one of the reasons that the G-dly revelation is called “Or/light,” as it is a revelation of the concealed state of G-d that is found equally everywhere.
  • Revelation enlivens creation: This revelation that each world receives serves as its source of life and is responsible for its quality of life. Every creation receives according to its level and nature.
  • The higher and lower worlds: Accordingly, in the upper worlds where they receive a higher quality of revelation, they are more spiritual beings. However, in the lower worlds, including even the spiritual creations of the lower worlds, the revelation of the infinite light of G-d is minute and goes through the filtering of many garments and hence they are of a much lower level of spirituality.

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