Daily Tanya 26th Adar 1: Chapter 32-The Mitzvah to hate a sinner and its caveats

(LY) 26th Adar 1

  1. The Mitzvah to hate a sinner and its caveats:
  • The Talmudic statement: The Talmud states that if one sees that his friend has sinned, then it is a Mitzvah to hate him and also tell his teacher to hate him. [This seemingly contradicts the above command to love every single Jew.]
  • Only applies to an observant Jew: [To answer the above seeming contradiction, we must first establish as to which type of Jew the above applies to.] The above Talmudic statement is only directed towards a transgressor who is observant of Torah and Mitzvos [and not towards an individual who is not observant].
  • Only applies if you already reproved him: Furthermore, even by an observant Jew who has sinned, the instruction to hate him only applies if one already fulfilled the Mitzvah to rebuke him and he nonetheless refuses to repent.

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