Daily Tanya 25th Iyar Chapter 51: Hashem fills all worlds and its creations, in accordance with its need and function


(LY) 25th Iyar

  1. Hashem fills all worlds and its creations, in accordance with its need and function:
  • Just as the limbs of the body each receive their specific soul power from the soul that is revealed in the brain, so too the creations of the world each receive their specific form of Elokus to enable them to function on their level.
  • The creation of the many from the infinite: The infinite light of G-d fills all the worlds to give it life, and in every world there is an endless number of creations which derive from this light, including myriads upon myriads of levels of angels and souls, as well as an endless number of worlds, one higher than the other.
  1. Hashem’s essence in its concealed state is equally found everywhere:
  • Exists equally everywhere: The essence of Hashem in His infinite state is found equally everywhere, in the upper and lower worlds, just like was stated regarding the essence of the soul.
  • Is concealed everywhere equally: Hashem in His infinite state is concealed equally everywhere, both in the higher and lower worlds, as states the Zohar that Hashem “Is the concealed of all those concealed” meaning that He is concealed even from the concealed worlds. The reason for the concealment of G-d within all the worlds, whether high or low, is due to the fact that no mind can grasp G-d at all, including not even in the higher worlds.
  • The difference between the lower and higher worlds: Thus, just as Hashem is found in the upper worlds so too, He is found in the lower worlds. What then makes the difference of quality between the worlds? This is the level of revelation.

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