Daily Tanya 22nd Adar 2: Chapter 38-The importance of thought despite its lack of disqualification

(LY) 22nd Adar 2

  1. The importance of thought despite its lack of disqualification:
  • Action without intent is like a body without a soul: The Sages state that prayer or other blessings without intent is like a body without a soul. [To understand this we must first give the following introduction in explaining the difference between the soul and body, as found amongst all creations of the world.]


  1. Everything, even a rock, has a soul:
  • Every creation has a body and soul: Every creation in this world contains a body and soul. The soul refers to the living soul of every living being whether human or animal.
  • G-d enlivens the body and soul: G-d enlivens all of these creations and constantly creates [their body and soul] from nothingness through a G-dly ray and light which he projects into them. [This G-dly revelation is what recreates the soul and body every moment and prevents its return to nothingness.]
  • Even a rock has a soul: The above concept that every physical creation has a soul applies even to the body in it of itself, and even towards the completely inanimate, such as rocks and earth. Even these creations contain within them a revelation of Divine light from G-d which enlivens them in order to prevent them from returning to their original state of absolute nothingness.

  1. No comparison between the soul and the body:
  • Now, despite the above, there is no comparison at all between the revelation of G-dly light and energy that shines in the body, and that which shines in the soul of all living creatures [as will be explained].

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