Daily Tanya 1st Sivan Chapter 52: The Torah is the garment of concealment


(LY) 1st Sivan

  • The Torah is the garment of concealment: Now, what is the garment that can conceal the revelation of G-d and not itself become nullified in its existence? This is the will and wisdom of G-d as is invested in His Torah and Mitzvah’s which He revealed to us and is unified with Him.
  • Wisdom of G-d is one with G-d himself: The Torah comes from the wisdom of G-d which refers to the supernal wisdom which is much higher than all the revealed worlds, as He is wise but not by a known wisdom. Now, the infinite light of G-d is invested and united within the supernal wisdom and G-d and His wisdom are one.
  • The Torah retains an essential unity with G-d: Now, the Torah which is G-d’s wisdom went through a gradual descent from world to world until it became invested within physical matters which are the details of the 613 commands. [Thus, the Torah even after its descent to this world still retains its essential unity with G-d. Accordingly, the Torah will not become nullified in its existence upon receiving the revelation of the Shechinah in order to conceal it for creations].

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