Daily Tanya 1st Nissan: Chapter 39-The Tzadikim who live in Atzilus-Those who are a constant chariot for G-d —

(LY) 1st Nissan

  1. The residence of Tzadikim who are an occasional chariot for G-d:
  • Their permanent residence in Beriya: Those whose soul root cannot handle being a constant chariot for G-d, to be constantly nullified and incorporated within Hashem’s light, do not permanently reside in Atzilus even if they occasionally serve G-d as a chariot. Rather, such a Tzadik who occasionally serves Hashem as a Merkava mainly dwells in the world of Beriya.
  • Their occasional residence in Atzilus: Although the main residence of a Tzadik who occasionally serves Hashem as a Merkava is in the world of Beriya, nevertheless, at auspicious times his Neshama is elevated to Atzilus as a form of Mayin Nukvin.
  • The occasions in which they serve G-d as a chariot: An auspicious time above when people can reach the service of being a chariot for G-d, is during Shemoneh Esrei, which corresponds to the world of Atzilus. This especially applies to the bowing during Shemoneh Esrei, as every bow is the aspect of Atzilus, as it represents nullification to G-d’s light to be considered like complete nothingness before Him.

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