Daily Tanya 19th Iyar Chapter 49-The second blessing of Ahavas Olam


(LY) 19th Iyar

  1. The second blessing of Ahavas Olam:
  • The second blessing discusses G-d’s love for the Jewish people and how He abandoned all of the celestial hosts of heaven and dwelled His Divine presence specifically on the Jewish people, to the point that He is called our personal G-d just as he was called G-d of Abraham. This is all due to G-d’s great love for us which causes Him to push himself above and beyond the norm.
  • The words “Ahavas Olam”: The meaning of the words “Ahavas Olam-love of world” is that G-d has contracted His great infinite light of revelation in order, so it be invested within a limited space which is referred to as a world. This itself was done due to G-d’s great love for the Jewish people, in order so they be able to attach to Him and be incorporated within His unity.
  • The words “Chemla Gedola Viseira”: The meaning of the words “Chemla Gedola Viseira-a great compassion” is that G-d has allowed the Jewish people to become close to Him much more than the celestial beings due to His great compassion for us.
  • The words “Uvanu Bacharta Mikol Am Vilashon”: The meaning of the words “Uvanu Bacharta Mikol Am Vilashon-and He has chosen us from all the nations” is that G-d has chosen the bodies of the Jewish people despite the fact that they are physical and corporeal and look similar to the bodies of the Gentile nations.
  • The words “Vikeiravtanu…Lehodos”: The meaning of the words ” Vikeiravtanu…Lehodos – and He has brought us close….to give thanks” will be explained elsewhere.
  • The words “Uliyachedecha”: The meaning of the words ” Uliyachedecha-to unify You” is that all the above was done by G-d in order so the Jew be incorporated within His unity, as explained above.

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