Daily Tanya 16th Iyar-Chapter 48: Hashem and His wisdom are united and infinite


(LY) 16th Iyar

  1. Hashem and His wisdom are united and infinite:
  • G-d’s knowledge causes an infinite revelation which needs contraction: Above we stated that Hashem’s knowledge brings an infinite revelation which if not for the contractions, would cause an infinite world.
  • G-d’s knowledge is united with His essence: The reason for this is as follows: Hashem’s knowledge is united with His essence. He is the knowledge, the knower and the known. Through Him knowing Himself so to speak, He knows all the creations. It is not through an external source as is the case with humans, as everything is found from Him. This matter cannot be properly comprehended by the human mind. *Gloss: This was the Rambam’s perspective and was agreed to by the Kabbalists in the level that G-d contracts and invests Himself in the world of Atzilus. [Although above Atzilus Hashem is infinite and beyond any definition at all, even knowledge, in the world of Atzilus He is united with His knowledge, His Chochmah. Now, in this world, through Him knowing Himself He knows all of creation, as everything was created from His knowledge. It is unlike human knowledge which is derived from external sources outside of him. For example, for one to discover a certain breaking news event he needs to rely on journalists and media outlets. However, Hashem, who creates everything from His knowledge automatically knows everything that occurs with them. The novelty here is that Hashem and His knowledge are one and the same, and His knowledge is not an external tool that He uses to know. Accordingly, when Hashem knows something, it is not just His knowledge that surrounds the item, but He Himself.]
  1. The infinite knowledge G-d has for his creations is in an encompassing form:
  • The knowledge of G-d which is united with Him and contains an infinite power of revelation of G-dliness is not considered to be invested within the earth, which is limited and finite, but rather encompassing it.
  • This is despite the fact that His knowledge [and infinite light that it carries] is actually found everywhere in the world in actuality and is responsible for the general creation of the world’s matter ex-nihilo.

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