Daily Tanya 15th Iyar-Chapter 48: The G-dly knowledge which surrounds earth


(LY) 15th Iyar

  • G-d’s imagination effects creation: Now, in this parable the person does not actually encompass the physical object as it is merely in his imagination, however, Hashem of whom His thoughts are unlike ours, when He thinks and knows all the creations in His mind, He encompasses the creations from head to toe, and inside out, in actuality [and nonetheless, it does not internally effect the object, just like in the parable, as it is found in an encompassing state].

The G-dly knowledge which surrounds earth:

  • Planet Earth is surrounded by G-d’s knowledge: A parable of the above concept that Hashem’s knowledge encompasses the creations but does not internally affect it can be seen from the earth. Planet earth is encompassed by G-d’s knowledge and this knowledge actually reaches everywhere throughout the earth, and to everything that is in it to every last detail.
  • G-d’s knowledge enlivens the Earth: This knowledge serves as the vitality of the entire earth and is responsible for its creation ex nihilo.
  • The contractions of the G-dly light permit for a limited world to be created: Now, if not for the fact that this infinite light was contracted, the world would never have been created as it appears now with all its limitations and boundaries, containing creations that have very minute spiritual life such as the inanimate and vegetation. The many intense contractions which contracted the light and vitality which became invested into the world allowed a limited and finite creation to take place as we know of it today, which incorporates even the inanimate and vegetative properties. [Thus, while the knowledge of G-d of the world contains an infinite revelation and is in truth responsible for its general creation ex-nihilo, it remains in an encompassing way and thus does not contradict the worlds finite status which is caused by a small, contracted revelation that has become internalized within the world. Accordingly, the encompassing light is responsible for the creation of matter while the internal light is responsible for its form and detailed limitations.]

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