Daily Tanya 14th Iyar-Chapter 48: Contemplating the creation and its Soveiv and Mimalei Divine lights


(LY) 14th Iyar

  1. A practical application in our world of the above two modes of Divine light:
  • A parable for the above [two modes of G-dliness, Soveiv and Mimalei that is found in every creation] can be found in the creation of this world.
  • The limited light within creation: Although this world is filled with G-d’s glory, which is G-d’s infinite light, as the verse states “Do I not fill the heavens and earth, Says G-d.” Nevertheless, this level of infinite G-dliness does not invest itself inside the world in a conscious and revealed manner, and rather only a minute and minuscule ray of Divine vitality enters into the world, and thus creates [very limited and outwardly lifeless creations such as] inanimate and vegetation [which show no sign of life, or a very minimal sign of life].
  • The infinite light within the world remains encompassing: As with the infinite light that is there, it remains inside the creations on an encompassing level which triggers no effect or interaction with the creation itself. This is accomplished through the infinite light not allowing any more than a mere glimmer to become revealed and conscious to the creation, while the remaining light retains a concealed and hidden state.
  • Why the term “encompassing from above” is used: Now, every Divine light which remains in a concealed state is called “Makif from above,” or encompassing from above, as the concealed worlds are higher than the revealed worlds.


  1. A second parable-Thinking of a rock:
  • This matter can be even further understood through the following parable.
  • Imagination has no effect: A person imagines within his mind some image he saw or is currently seeing. Although the entire body of the image, in all its dimensions, is being entirely projected and viewed in his mind and thought due to having seen it in its entirety, or due to currently seeing it, nevertheless, the object is merely entirely encompassed by his mind in an imaginative state [and has not actually penetrated into his mind, and hence he has no actual effect on the object he is imagining in his mind].

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