Daily Tanya 13th Iyar-Chapter 48: Contemplating the creation and its Soveiv and Mimalei Divine lights


(LY) 13th Iyar

  • The ray is infinitely distanced from the infinite light: The same applies regarding the contracted Divine light that enters into the creations of both the upper and lower worlds to create them, that it is considered like naught in comparison to the infinite light that it was contracted from.
  1. The infinite light encompasses the creations:
  • The infinite light of Hashem is not invested in the worlds in a revealed fashion to enliven them, but rather encompasses them from above, and is called Soveiv Kol Almin.

  1. The concept of Soveiv:
  • Not literal: This concept of encompassing light is not to be taken literally Heaven forbid, that the light contains limitations of space and is only found around the physical creations and not inside them, as there is no concept of space regarding spiritual matters.
  • Not comprehensible: Rather, its intent is that it does not shine within the creation and cannot be comprehended by it, as every light that reveals itself to the world is referred to as an investment, as the light invests itself within the worlds in a way that the creation is able to comprehend it. However, an encompassing light does not invest itself within the creations in a way that they can comprehend it, as it comes in a form of concealment.

  1. The two lights found in creation-Soveiv and Mimalei:
  • Mimalei: Based on the above it is understood that since the worlds contain limitations, it is a sign that the infinite light does not invest itself within the world in a revealed fashion, and only a very small, contracted glimmer enters into it for the sake of giving it a limited and defined life.
  • Soveiv: The main light in its uncontracted state is referred to as Makif and Soveiv, as it remains in an unrevealed and encompassing state within the creations. They are unable to comprehend it being that the creations are limited and defined.

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