Daily Tanya 12th Adar 1: Middle of Chapter Chapter 29-The Beinoni is very distanced from G-d

(LY) 12th Adar 1

3.      The Beinoni is very distanced from G-d:

  • Accordingly, it is clear that the Beinoni is very distanced from G-d to the ultimate distance being that he still contains evil within him and that his evil is his natural trait.
  • Lusting after the forbidden: The evil that is found within him is not just capable of lusting after the permitted pleasures but is also capable of lusting after the forbidden pleasures which are against the will of G-d. Now, although he does not actually contemplate transgressing these prohibitions heaven forbid, nonetheless, the mere fact that these forbidden pleasures are not truly repulsive to him as they are by Tzadikim, shows that his natural state is one that contains evil.
  • Even worse than the impure animals: Due to the above, it is found that the Beinoni is even worse and more repulsive and abhorrent then even impure animals and reptiles and insects, “As the verse states and I am a worm and not a man.”

4.      The love is not a true love:

  • Even when the G-dly soul is able to overcome the animal soul and arouse a love for G-d during prayer, this is not a completely true love being that this love dissipates and disappears after the prayer.

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