Daily Tanya 11th Adar 2: End of Chapter 36-What happened after the giving of the Torah that we lost this revelation

(LY) 11th Adar 2

  1. What happened after the giving of the Torah that we lost this revelation:
  • The sin of the golden calf: [After the Torah was given, we could have retained this power and capability to withstand the revelation of G-d Himself, although] the sin [of the golden calf] caused the Jewish people and the world to once again become gross and concealing of G-d.
  • This concealment is around until the final redemption: This concealment that was caused due to the sin will remain within the world until the future era when the body and world will once again be refined enough to withstand the revelation of the light of G-d, which will shine to the Jewish people through the Torah which is called “Oz/power,” [as the Torah gives the soul the power to handle the revelation].

  1. The Gentiles will also experience revelation in the future:
  • [Gentiles will be able to exist in the future despite the fact that they do not learn Torah and technically cannot withstand the revelation of G-d without becoming nullified in existence] as from the great abundance of Divine light that will be revealed to the Jewish people, a glimmer of this light will also shine the darkness of the Gentile nations, and hence, the revelation of G-d will affect all of the inhabitants of the world.
  • This concept is reiterated in many verses of Scripture and the prayer liturgy, that the Gentile nations will also receive revelation of G-dliness, and that this revelation will be from the light of the Jewish people.
  • The Gentile nations will need to hide from this revelation: [Nonetheless, the experience of this revelation will not be the same between Jew and Gentile, as] the Gentiles will need to hide within caves and rocks due to the trepidation they will have in face of the majestic glory of G-d that will be revealed. [This is in contrast to the Jewish people, who will be able to receive from the Divine light directly.]

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