Daily Tanach Wednesday Shmuel 1 Chapter 22: Dovid flees and the city of Nov is destroyed

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Chapter 22: Dovid flees and the city of Nov is destroyed

1.      Dovid’s various areas of escape and refuge:

  • Dovid escapes to a cave: Dovid left the area of Gath and he ran away to a cave named Adulam.
  • Dovid’s family comes to join him: The brothers of Dovid and all of his father’s household heard [about Dovid’s escape from death from the king and worried for their own safety due to the possibility that the king may take vengeance against Dovid’s family[1]], and they went to join him there.
  • An army of dissidents gather with Dovid: All people who were oppressed and poor and who were in debt and who were bitter, went to Dovid and accepted him as a prince over them. There were approximately 400 men with Dovid.
  • Dovid brings his parents and family to the king of Moav: Dovid went from there to the hills of Moav. Dovid requested from the king of Moav, that he should allow his father and mother to remain with him until he can decide what G-d has in store for him. So Dovid brought his parents to the presence of the king of Moav and they remained there with him throughout all the days that Dovid was in the citadel [which was close to the land of Moav[2]].
  • Gad the prophet tells Dovid to go to Judea: Gad the prophet told Dovid that he should no longer remain in the citadel [as he knew through prophecy that the king of Moav wanted to kill him and hand them over to Shaul[3]] and rather he should go to the land of Judea. So, Dovid went to the forest of Chares [which is in the land of Judea]. [After the king of Moav heard of Dovid’s leave from the citadel he killed both of his parents, his father and mother, and his brothers, with the exception of one brother which Nachash the Ammonite allowed to live.[4]]

2.      Shaul hears of the whereabouts of Dovid:

  • Shul heard of the whereabouts of Dovid and the people who were with him [they were settled in the land of Judea[5], without fear[6]]. At that time Shaul was settled in the valley under a tree in Rama with a spear in his hand and with all the servants standing over him.
  • Shaul accuses his servants of treason: Shaul said to his servants who were standing over him, “Please listen to me members of my tribe Benjamin, is it possible that the son of Yishaiy will give all of you fields and orchards and appoint you generals of thousands and hundreds. You have all conspired against me [as if  Dovid has already promised you benefits for doing so] and you did not reveal to my ears the pack that my son made with the son of Yishai,  and none of you feel my pain or feel a need to reveal it to me. My son has conspired against me and persuaded my servants to allow him to ambush me on this day.”

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