Daily Tanach, Wednesday: Shmuel 1-Chapter 10-Part 2: The coronation of Shaul

* The article below is an excerpt from the above Sefer

1.      The coronation of Shaul:

  • Shmuel summons the nation for the coronation of Shaul: Shmuel summoned the nation to come to Mitzpah and told the Jewish people that G-d had taken them out of Egypt and saved them from the hands of Egypt and from the hands of all the nations that had oppressed them. “Now, you have today despised your G-d who has saved you from all your evil and troubles and have asked for a king to be placed over you, and now you shall stand before your G-d in accordance to your tribes and chiefs [for the sake of making a lottery using the Urim Vetumim to determine who should be appointed king[1]].” [Alternatively, the lottery was made by writing the names of each tribe and family on a piece of paper and then placing it in a box and having Shmuel choose a paper from the box.[2] Practically, both forms of lottery were done, first through papers chosen by Shmuel and then through the Urim Vetumim.[3]]
  • Shaul is chosen by the lottery: Shmuel brought forward all the tribes of Israel, and the tribe of Binyamon was chosen [by the lottery]. The families of the tribe of Binyamon were brought forward and the family of Matri was chosen [by the lottery]. Shaul the son of Kish was then chosen [from that family, by the lottery], however he was nowhere to be found.
  • Shaul is searched for and found: Being that Shaul could not be found they asked Hashem [through the Urim Vetumim[4]] as to whether the chosen man had showed up to the gathering. Hashem replied [through the Urim Vetumim] that he has come although is hiding amongst the vessels [which the people had stored in the storage room after they arrived[5]]. [Alternatively, this means that Shaul refused to comply with him being chosen through the lottery unless they asked Hashem through the Urim Vetumim and Hashem replied that Shaul is the chosen king, and this is indeed what happened.[6]] The people ran to look for him in the storage room, and found him there and stood him up amongst the people, and he was taller than the nation from his shoulders and above.
  • Shaul is coronated king amongst the nation: Shmuel told the nation “Do you see that Hashem has chosen him, as there is no one like him throughout the nation.” The nation began sounding trumpet sounds and proclaimed, “Yechi Hamelech/Long live the King.”
  • Shmuel teaches the nation the laws of the kingship: Shmuel spoke to the nation the laws of the kingship. The laws were written in a book and placed before G-d [inside of the Aron[7]]. Shmuel then sent all the nation back to their homes and families.
  • Shaul returns home with soldiers: Also, Shaul returned home, to Giva. The soldiers who felt G-d in their hearts followed him.
  • Some people do not accept Shaul as king: There were a group of thugs who belittled Shaul and his kingship, stating that he will not be able to save them from anything. They refused to give him any gifts, and Shaul did not respond and remained silent.


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