Daily Tanach, Sunday: Shmuel 1 Chapter 2 Part 1: Channah gives thanks to G-d; The sins of Bnei Eily 

* The article below is an excerpt from the above Sefer

Chapter 2: Channah gives thanks to G-d; The sins of Bnei Eily 


  1. The prayer of thanksgiving of Channah to G-d: 
  • Channah thanks G-d for saving her from the humiliation of Penina: My heart has become elated by G-d and my stature has been raised by G-d. My mouth has overcome my enemies [i.e. Penina55] because I have rejoiced in your Salvation. There is no one as holy as G-d as there is no one other than Him and there was no rock like our G-d.  
  • G-d raises the humble and lowers the haughty: Do not increase in speaking with haughtiness [due to being in a temporary position of hierarchy and success56], as G-d knows that which is in your hearts, and knows the actions of man. G-d weakens the strong and strengthens the weak. Those who were wealthy and received their sustenance without toil, now need to search for their bread, and those who were hungry and needed to work hard for their sustenance, no longer need to do so. While the barren woman gives birth to seven children, the one who had many children becomes stricken with tragedy [as Channah had seven children, while Penina, who had ten sons, buried eight of them, as each time Channah gave birth Penina buried two sons57]. G-d puts to death and gives life, and lowers the arrogant to purgatory, and brings them up with the resurrection.58 G-d makes the wealthy destitute, and makes the poor wealthy, He lowers and elevates. He elevates the poor from the dust, and the destitute from the trash, to sit them with the dignitaries. He inherits them a seat of honor, as to G-d belongs the righteous and He appoints them in leadership positions.59 Who guards the feet of his righteous ones, while the evildoers wallow in darkness. Man cannot overcome obstacles with simply physical strength. 
  • Praying for the Jewish people: May G-d place fear onto his enemies, frightening them from the skies. G-d will judge the world leaders and give strength to His King and raise the power of his anointed one. 


  1. Elkana returns home: 
  • Elkana returned to home in Ramasa. 


  1. Shmuel is raised by Eily: 
  • The lad served G-d in face of Eily the priest.  


  1. The sons of Eily and their sins: 
  • Taking large portions: The sons of Eily were corrupt men who did not know G-d. The following guidelines and rules were followed by the priest in regard to the nation who came to bring their sacrifices. Any man who came to bring his offering, a young priest would come and cook his meat using a three-tooth fork. They would hit the fork on the sink, or on the pot and whatever meat the fork would lift up the priests would take. So was done for all the Jewish people who came to Shilo [to bring their sacrifices].  
  • Demanding meat prior to bringing the fat offering on the altar: [An additional sin] is that prior to bringing the fat offering [onto the altar] the young priest would come and demand from the person bringing the offering to give raw meat to the priest in order so he can roast it, and in its stead he will not take the cooked meat. The owner of the offering would reply that after he offers the fat of the offering [onto the altar] the priest can take whatever he wishes, however the priest would reply back that he will take it now and if the owner doesn’t agree then he will take it by force.  
  • The sins of these lads were very great in the eyes of G-d, as they fought with people bringing offerings to G-d.  

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