Daily Tanach Shmuel 1 Chapter 27: Dovid moves to the land of the Philistines and annihilates the gentile nations

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Chapter 27: Dovid moves to the land of the Philistines and annihilates the gentile nations

1.      Dovid escapes to the land of the Philistines:

  • Dovid said to himself, that while he has managed to escape Shaul’s grasp until now, one day he may be captured and killed by him, and therefore he has no choice but to leave [Israel] and live in the land of the Philistines until Shaul gives up looking for him throughout the borders of Israel, and that is how he can escape from his hand.
  • Dovid moves to Gath: So Dovid got up and together with 600 men that were with him he crossed the border to Akish the son of Mauch, the King of Gath. Dovid and his men lived by Akish in Gath together with their families. Dovid lived there with his two wives, Achinoam the YizraEilys, and Avigayil the former wife of Naval the Carmelite.
  • Shaul stops looking for Dovid: Shaul was informed that Dovid had escaped to the city of Gath and he stopped searching for him.
  • Dovid requests a plot of land from Akish: Dovid said to Akish, “If I have found favor in your eyes please give me an area within one of the cities of the field for me to dwell, as why should your servant dwell in your city of the monarchy together with you.” So Akish consented and he gave them on that day the area of Tziklok. This city of Tziklok became a city amongst the kings of Judea until this very day.
  • The length of his stay by the Philistines: The amount of days that Dovid lived in the field of the Philistines was four months and two days[1] [although some commentators say that it was one year and four months[2]].

1.      Dovid conquers sections of land:

  • Dovid and his men got up and conquered the land of the Geshuri, Girzi, and Amaleik, as they dwelled in the land from the area of Shura until the land of Egypt, from the time of their inception. Dovid smote the inhabitants of the land and did not allow any man or woman to live. He took all of their flock and cattle, donkeys, camels, and clothing, and he returned and arrived to Akish.
  • Akish would ask Dovid as against which nation did he fight against today, and Dovid would answer him [connivingly] that he fought in the South against inhabitants of Judea and the Yerachmeily and Keini family [to make Akish think that he is fighting against his own nation]. Dovid did not allow any man or woman to live who could potentially arrive to the city of Gath and tell them what Dovid had done to them throughout all the days that he was living in the field of the Philistines. Akish was fooled to believe Dovid’s words and thought to himself that Dovid had taken revenge against his own nation Israel and that he will be a servant for him forever.

[1] Rashi and Radak 27:7

[2] Mahariy Karo and Metzudos Dovid 27:7

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