Daily Tanach Shmuel 1 Chapter 25 Part 3: Avigayil appeases Dovid and his men

* The article below is an excerpt from the above Sefer
  • Avigayil appeases Dovid and his men: Avigayil saw Dovid and she hurriedly went towards him. She descended from the donkey and fell on her face in front of Dovid and prostrated herself on the ground. She fell to his feet and said to him, “The sin that you have mentioned is with me [i.e. my household], and please let your maidservant speak to your ears and listen to what your maidservant has to say. Please my master, do not pay attention to the words of Naval who is a wicked man. He is like his name, as his name is Naval and he performs abominations. Now, I your maidservant never saw the servants of my Master that you had sent. Now my master, I swear by the life of G-d and by your life that [by sending me here[1]] G-d has prevented you from spilling blood and he has saved you from personally being involved in taking vengeance against them [and getting yourself punished[2]]. Now may all your enemies be like Naval [who has no power to harm you and who through Ruach Hakodesh has been revealed to me that he will die shortly[3]] and may all those who seek you evil find the same fate. Now, your maidservant has brought this blessing of food to my master and it should be given to the lads who accompany my master on his journeys. Now, please forgive the sin of your maidservant, as G-d will build for my master a trustworthy home, as my master fights the war of G-d and evil will never find you all your days. People [i.e., Shaul] will get up to chase you and to seek your life, however you my master will be bound with the rock of life which is Hashem your G-d, while the soul of your enemy will be thrown into the slingshot [i.e. purgatory]. When G-d does for my master all that He has spoken to do good for you, and He appoints you a leader upon Israel, do not allow this occurrence with Naval be for you a source of pain or stumbling block for my master [by people saying that you are a murderous king and causing G-d to take vengeance from you[4]], and please do not spill innocent blood and take vengeance for yourself. Hashem will do good for my master and you shall remember your maidservant.

1.      Dovid accepts the words of Avigayil and aborts his plans to murder Naval and his household:

  • Dovid said to Avigayil, “Blessed be the G-d of Israel who has sent you today to come greet me. Blessed be your advice and blessed be you, that you have today abstained me from committing murder and have thereby brought me salvation. I swear by the life of G-d that it is He who has prevented me from committing this evil, as if you would not have hurriedly come here today to greet me, Naval would not have remained until morning and neither would have any creature that “urinates on the wall” [i.e. any male member of the household].”
  • Dovid accepts the food and tells Avigayil to return home: Dovid took from her hand that which she brought to him [i.e. the food]. He then told her that she should return home in peace, as he had heard her request and accepted it.

[1] Rashi 25:26

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[4] See Rashi 25:31 and other Mefarshim

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