Daily Chumash Wednesday Tetzaveh: The inauguration procedure



  1. The inauguration procedure:
  • The following is to be done in order to sanctify the Kohanim to become priests for Hashem:
  • The sacrifices and Menachos: Take one bull, and two rams that are unblemished. Take Matzah bread and loaves that are smeared with oil and Matzah wafers smeared with oil. They are to be made of fine flour. They are all to be placed in one basket and brought together with the bull and two rams.
  • Bathing, dressing and anointing the Kohanim: You shall take Aaron and his sons to the opening of the Ohel Moed, bathe them with water, and dress them. Aaron is to wear the Kutoness, Meil, Eiphod, Choshen, Mitznefes, and Tzitz. You are to pour the anointing oil over them. The sons are to be dressed in the Kutoness, the Avneit and turbans.
  • Sacrificing the Chatas bull offering: You shall bring the bull in front of the Ohel Moed, and have Aaron and his sons lean on its head. It is to be slaughtered there. Take from its blood and place it on the corners of the altar using your fingers, and then pour the remaining blood on the base of the altar. You shall take all the fat that covers the intestine, and the diaphragm which is on the liver, and the two kidneys and their fat, and offer it onto the altar. The meat of the bull and its waste is to be burnt in a fire outside of the camp. This offering is a Chatas.
  • Sacrificing and offering the first ram Olah offering: You shall bring one ram and have Aaron and his sons lean on its head. It is then to be slaughtered. Take from its blood throw it around the altar. The ram is to be dismembered, and have its innards and feet washed, and then have it joined with its head. The entire ram is to be offered on the altar, as it is an Olah offering to Hashem.

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