Daily Chumash Wednesday Pikudei: The Mishkan is brought to Moshe



  • They brought the Mishkan to Moshe, including all of its vessels. The following items were brought to Moshe: The Ohel and its implements, such as the hooks, beams, bars, pillars, and sockets; the ram skin covering, the Techashim skin covering, and the Paroches; the Aron, its poles and the Kapores; the Shulchan, all its vessels, and the showbread; the Menorah, its candles, vessels and oil; the gold altar, the anointing oil and Ketores incense; the screen of the Ohel; the copper altar with its copper netting, its poles and all of its vessels; the Kiyor and its pedestal; the curtains of the courtyard, its pillars, ropes and pegs; the priestly garments.
  • Moshe saw that all the work was done as Hashem commanded, and he blessed the Jewish people.

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