Daily Chumash Wednesday, Mishpatim: Laws involving the judicial system



  • You may not curse a judge or curse a leader amongst your people.
  • You shall not delay the tithe produce or the Terumah.
  • You are to give Hashem your firstborn. The newborn animal is to be given to Hashem on the 8th
  • Treifa meat: You may not eat meat of a Treifa animal. Rather, throw it to the dogs.

  1. Laws involving the judicial system:
  • Don’t listen to meritless reports.
  • Don’t join a false witness in testimony.
  • Don’t follow the majority to do evil.
  • Do not show compassion in judgment to the weak and poor.

  1. Miscellaneous laws:
  • Hashavas Aveida: Return a lost animal to its owner even if it belongs to your enemy.
  • Chamor Sonacha: Help your enemy’s animal unload if it has a heavy burden.

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