Daily Chumash Wednesday, 8th Teves: Yaakov and family travel to Mitzrayim


Revi’i (according to Torah Temima/Chabad) Chamishi (according to most Chumashim)


  • Yisrael said “My son Yosef is still alive, I will go see him before I die.”

  1. Yaakov and family travel to Mitzrayim:
    • Arrival to Beer Sheva: Yisrael and all his family traveled and arrived to Beer Sheva.
    • Sacrifices: In Beer Sheva, Yaakov offered sacrifices to the G-d of his father Yitzchak.
    • G-dly revelation: Hashem appeared to Yisrael at night and said “Yaakov, Yaakov” and Yaakov replied “Here I am.” Hashem said “I am the G-d of your father. Do not fear to enter Egypt, as I will make you into a great nation there. I will descend with you to Egypt, and I will take you out. Yosef will place his hands on your eyes.”
    • Yaakov traveled from Beer Sheva with all his family, his sons and daughters, and grandchildren, and was brought in the wagons, by his sons, to Egypt.
    • They traveled with all their cattle and belongings.

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