Daily Chumash Tuesday Vayakhel: Appointment of Betzalel to build the Mishkan



  1. Appointment of Betzalel to build the Mishkan.
  • Moshe told the Jewish people: Hashem has appointed Betzalel the son of Uri of the tribe of Yehuda to perform all the work of building the Mishkan and its accessories. He has filled him with wisdom and understanding to perform all the work with the gold, silver and copper, stone and wood. Ohaliav the son of Achisamach from the tribe of Dan was appointed to work with him. They shall do the work together with all the skilled individuals.

  1. The Jewish people exceed in donating materials:
  • Moshe called upon Betzalel and Ohaliav, and all those who are skilled, to come do the work. They came and took from Moshe the materials donated, but the Jewish people kept coming each morning, bringing more and more donations. The workers told Moshe that too much material had been collected. Moshe then went ahead and announced in the camp that the people should cease bringing donation material, and so they ceased. They had enough material to build the Mishkan and have a surplus.

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