Daily Chumash Tuesday Tzav: The Karban Shelamim

  1. The laws of the Shlamim, Toda:
  • The following is the law of the Shelamim:
  • The Todah and its breads: If a Todah Shelamim offering is brought, it is to have [four types of breads, three which are] Matzah breads offered with it. The breads are to be mixed with oil [type #1], and contain Matzah crackers which are smeared with oil [type #2], and fine broiled flour which is mixed with oil [type #3]. In addition, Chametz bread is also to be brought with the Karban. [type #4]
  • Distributing the breads and eating the meat: One loaf of each of the breads of the Todah offering are to be donated to Hashem and given to the Kohen who throws the blood of the Shelamim. The meat of the Toda is to be eaten that day and is not to remain until morning.


  1. The laws of Nosar, Pigul, Tuma:
  • Neder and Nedava-Nosar: If one donates a Shelamim offering, it may be eaten that day and the next day, however any leftovers may not be eaten. The leftovers [i.e. Nosar] of the third day are to be burnt in a fire.
  • Pigul: If the meat is [intended] to be eaten on the third day, the sacrifice is invalid for the person who brought it, as it is considered Pigul [distanced]. One who eats it is liable [for punishment].
  • Impure meat: If the meat becomes impure, it may not be eaten and is to be burnt in the fire.
  • Impure person: The meat of the Karban may only be eaten by a person who is pure. One who eats the meat while he is in a state of impurity, receives the penalty of Kareis. A person who touches anything that is impure due to man [i.e. Tumas Meis] or animal [i.e. Niveila] is considered impure.


  1. The laws of Cheilev/forbidden fats:
  • The Cheilev of an ox, sheep or goat may not be eaten. The Cheilev of a Niveila of Treifa may be used for all ones needs, although may not be eaten. Whoever eats the forbidden fats of a Karban [or Chulin, non-Karban, animal] receives the penalty of Kareis.


  1. The law of blood:
  • One may not eat any blood of a bird or animal in any of the encampments. One who eats any of the blood receives the penalty of Kareis.


  1. Offering the Shelamim:
    • The waving: The Shelamim is to have its fat rest on its breast and be waved before Hashem.
    • The Kohen is to offer the fat on the altar.
    • The presents to the Kohen: The breast is distributed to the Kohanim [to eat]. The right leg is to be given as a present to the Kohen. It is given to the Kohen who offers the blood and Cheilev of the sacrifice. This is an eternal gift to the priests from Hashem.
    • The above is the laws of all the Karbanos of the Olah, Mincha, Chatas, Asham, and Shlamim which Hashem commanded Moshe on Har Sinai, and the Jewish people were told to offer in the desert of Sinai.

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