Daily Chumash Tuesday Pikudei: The Bigdei Kehuna



  1. The Meil:
    • They made the Meil entirely from Ticheiles-Turquoise wool. The Meil contained a folded collar which may not be torn. They made its hem surrounded with pomegranates made of Turquoise-Ticheiles wool, Argamon-Purple wool, scarlet wool. They also made gold bells which were inserted into the pomegranates all around the rim.


  1. The Kutoness; Mitznefes, pants and Avnet:
  • They made the Kutones, Mitznefes, and pants from checkered linen for both Aaron and his sons. The belt was made from checkered linen, Turquoise-Ticheiles wool, Argamon-Purple wool, and scarlet wool, the work of an embroiderer.


  1. The Tzitz, Holy Crown:
  • They made the Tzitz of pure gold and engraved on it the words “Kodesh LaHashem.” They placed on it a Ticheiles-Turquoise woolen string to attach to the Mitznefes.


  1. The Mishkan is brought to Moshe:
  • The work of the Temple was complete, and the Jewish people did all that Hashem commanded.

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