Daily Chumash Tuesday Ki Sisa: Moshe pleads to Hashem and Hashem concedes



  1. Moshe pleads to Hashem and Hashem concedes:
  • Moshe pleads to Hashem to escort the people Himself: Moshe told Hashem that He had instructed him to lead the people but did not tell him who will escort them. “Now, You have said that I have found favor in your eyes. If this is true, then make Your ways known to me.”
  • Hashem retracts from His decision and agrees to escort the Jewish people: Hashem replied that He will no longer send His angel but that He Himself will escort them. Moshe replied to Hashem that if He will not go with them then they should not go onward, as this is the only way that they will know that they have found favor in His eyes, by Hashem traveling with them and setting them apart from all the other nations of the world.

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