Daily Chumash Thursday Tetzaveh: The inauguration procedure 2



  • Sacrificing the second ram Shlamim offering: You shall bring the second ram and have Aaron and his sons lean on its head. It is then to be slaughtered. Take from its blood and place it on the edge of the right ear and right thumb of the hand and toe of Aaron and his sons. The remainder of the blood is to be poured around the altar.
  • Anointing the Kohanim with the oil and blood: You are to take the blood that was on the altar, and the anointing oil [Shemen Hamishcha], and sprinkle it on Aaron and his sons and their clothing, and they are to be sanctified.
  • Offering the parts of the second ram: You are to take the fat, and the tail and all the fat that covers the intestines and the diaphragm of the liver and the two kidneys, and the right thigh. Also, take one of each of the breads from the basket. Place it all together on the palm of Aaron and his sons and waive them before Hashem. Then take the foods off the palm of their hands and offer them before G-d. Moshe is to take the breast of the ram and waive it before Hashem and it will remain a present to Moshe from Hashem.
  • The portion of the Kohanim in the Karbanos: The breast and right thigh of the ram, as well as of all Karbanos, are to be given to the Kohanim for all generations.
  • Wearing the priestly garments for inauguration: The Kohen is to wear the priestly garments for seven days as part of his inauguration [as the high priest].
  • Cooking and eating the meat of the 2nd ram: The meat of the ram is to be cooked in a holy place. The meat, as well as the bread in the basket, is to be eaten by Aaron and his sons and through doing so they will become inaugurated. A non-Kohen may not eat from it. Any meat and bread that is leftover past the morning, is to be burnt in a fire.
  • The number of times to perform the above procedure: The above procedure is to be done daily for seven days.
  • Cleansing the altar: The altar is to be cleansed and atoned by having the Chatas bull offering [described earlier] sacrificed on it for seven days. Doing so will make the altar holy, and anything that touches it will contract holiness.

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