Daily Chumash Tazria Monday: Tzaraas that has healthy skin



  • The Kohen is to again examine the Tzaraas on the 7th day [of the second week], and if it has lightened in color, and has not spread, he is to purify it. The Metzora is to clean his clothing and he is then purified.
  • Respreads: If the Tzaraas re-spreads after the purification, it is to be reshown to the Kohen and he is to be deemed impure.

  1. Tzaraas that has healthy skin:
  • If the white lesion has a white hair but contains an area of healthy skin, it is in truth an old Tzaraas. The Kohen is to deem him impure. He is not to be secluded, as he is impure.

  1. Tzaraas that covers the entire body:
  • If the Tzaraas covers the entire body from head to toe, he is to be deemed pure by the Kohen. If fresh skin ever appears on the body, he is to be deemed impure.

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