Daily Chumash Sunday Tetzaveh: The Bigdei Kehuna


Parshas Tetzaveh

Pesukim: 101 [Siman: מיכאל]

Haftorah: Yechezkal 43:10-27

  Number of Mitzvos: There are Seven Mitzvos in Parshas Tetzaveh. Four positive commands and three negative command.   A. Positive commands: 1. Mitzvah 98/Positive 40: To have candles constantly lit before Hashem, in the Temple. 2. Mitzvah 99/Positive 41: For the Kohanim to wear their special garments while serving in the Temple. 3. Mitzvah 102/Positive 42: For the Kohanim to eat the Karbanos. 4. Mitzvah 103/Positive 43: For the Kohanim to offer incense onto the altar twice daily.   B. Negative commands: 1.       Mitzvah 100/Negative 59: Not to remove the Choshen from the Eiphod. 2.       Mitzvah 101/Negative 60: Not to tear the rim of the Meil. 3.       Mitzvah 104/Negative 61: Not to offer onto the gold altar any offering other than the daily incense.



  1. The Menorah oil and lighting:
  • Moshe is told to command the Jewish people to bring him clear crushed olive oil for illuminating the Ner Tamid [i.e. the Menorah]. The Menorah is to be placed in the Ohel Moed, outside the Paroches. Aaron and his sons are to make sure it is lit from evening until morning for all generations.

  1. Appointing Kohanim:
    • Moshe is to bring near Aaron, and his sons, to become priests for Hashem. Aaron, Nadav, Avihu, Elazar and Isamar shall be priests.


  1. The Bigdei Kehuna-Preistly garments:
  • Make for Aaron, your brother, holy garments for glory. Speak with the wise, and they shall make the garments.
  • The following are the garments:
    • Choshen [breastplate]
    • Eiphod [apron]
    • Meil [robe]
    • Kutones of checkered texture. [shirt]
    • Mitznefes [turban]
    • Avneit [belt]
  • The material: The garments are to be made from gold, Ticheiles-Turquoise wool, Argamon-Purple wool, scarlet wool, and twisted linen.
  1. The Eiphod:
  • The material: The Eiphod is to be made from gold, Ticheiles-Turquoise wool, Argamon-Purple wool, scarlet wool, and twisted linen. It is to be the work of an artist.
  • The shoulder straps: It is to contain two shoulder straps, one by each end. It is to have a belt which is likewise made of the same materials stated above.
  • The Avnie Shoham: You are to take two Shoham stones and engrave on them the name of the tribes, six on each stone, following their order of birth. The stones are to be inserted into gold settings. They are to be placed on the shoulder straps of the Eiphod, one per strap, and Aaron is to wear them on his shoulders as a remembrance.


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