Daily Chumash Monday-Emor: A Kohen with a Mum or blemish

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  1. Kohen with a Mum/blemish:
    • A Kohen with a Mum is invalid to serve in the Temple. He may however eat from the Kodshim.
  • The following matters are defined as a Mum:
    • One who is blind.
    • One who is lame.
    • One who is disfigured.
    • One who has an enlarged limb.
    • One who has a broken leg.
    • One who has a broken arm.
    • Eye dysfunctions or disfigurations, such as unusual eyebrows, or a cataract, or a mixing in his eye.
    • One who has a Garav or Yalefes (different types of boils).
    • One who has crushed testicles.
  • The Kohanim are warned not to desecrate the Kodshim of the Jewish people.
  1. Impure Kohen:
  • A Kohen who offers a Karban in a state of impurity receives Kares.
  • If a Kohen is impure due to Tzaraas or Zav, he may not eat Kodshim until he becomes pure.
  • One who touches one who is impure due to a corpse, or due to Shichvas Zera, or due to touching a creeping animal [i.e. a Sheretz], or an impure person, is considered impure and may not eat Kodshim until he immerses his flesh in a Mikveh. Only after the sun sets may he eat the Kodshim.
  • He may not eat a Niveila or Treifa to become impure.
  1. Non-Kohen eating Kodshim:
  • A non-Kohen may not eat the Kodshim, including the worker of a Kohen. However, the slave and the members of the household of a Kohen may eat Kodesh.
  • Kohenes: The daughter of a Kohen may not eat Kodshim if she marries a non-Kohen. If she gets divorced or widowed, and does not have children from him, she may eat Kodshim.
  • If Zar ate Kodesh: If a non-Kohen accidentally ate Kodshim, he must pay a fine of 120% its value to the Kohen.

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