Daily Chumash Shabbos Teruma: The Chatzer/courtyard:



  1. The Chatzer/courtyard:
  • You shall make a courtyard for the Mishkan. It is to be made of curtains which are held up by pillars.
  • Material of the curtains: The curtains are to be made of twisted linen.
  • Dimensions: The length of the Chatzer [i.e. the northern and southern side] is to be 100 Amos long. The width of the Chatzer is to be 50 Amos wide. Its height is to be ten Amos. The curtain is to be 100 Amos in both the northern and southern side, and 50 Amos on the western side, however, on the eastern side it is to be only 15 Amos from each end.
  • The pillars: There are to be 20 pillars and 20 sockets for each side of the Chatzer, for the northern and southern side. There are to be ten pillars and ten sockets for the western side. There are to be three pillars and sockets for each end of the eastern side, for a total of six. All the pillars are to contain silver hooks and belts. The sockets are to be made of copper.
  • The entrance to the Chatzer: The gate of the Chatzer is to contain a screen of twenty Amos. It is to be made of Ticheiles Turquoise wool, Argamon Purple wool, scarlet wool, and twisted linen. It is to be the work of an embroiderer. It is to contain four pillars and four sockets.
  • Its accessories: The vessels needed to erect the courtyard, as well as its pegs, are to be made of copper.

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