Daily Chumash Shabbos-Emor: The Lechem Hapanim

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  1. Lighting the Menorah:
  • Hashem told Moshe to command the Jewish people to bring to him clear crushed olive oil for the sake of illumination, to light the eternal candle [i.e. the Menorah]. It is to be lit outside the Paroches in the Ohel Moed. Aaron is to light it from evening to morning before Hashem continuously for all generations. The candles are to be set up on the pure Menorah, before Hashem constantly.

  1. The Lechem Hapanim:
  • You are to take fine flour and bake twelve breads from it, each Challah being two tenth-ephahs. They are to be organized in two stacks, six in each stack, on the pure table that is before Hashem. Pure frankincense is to be placed on the stack and it shall be a bread of remembrance for Hashem. The Lechem Hapanim is to be organized weekly from Shabbos to Shabbos before Hashem continuously, as an everlasting covenant. The bread is to be distributed to Aaron and his sons and eaten in a holy place, as it is Kodesh Kodashim.

  1. Ish Hamikalel-The man who cursed G-d:
  • The curse: A Jewish man, the son of an Egyptian father, but Jewish mother, was involved in an argument with another Jew. His mother’s name was Shlomis Bas Divri from the Shevet of Dan. The Jewish man cursed and blasphemed the name of G-d and was brought before Moshe. The man was imprisoned for his actions until further instructions would be received from Hashem.
  • The punishment: Hashem instructed Moshe to have the man taken out of the camp, and to have all those who heard the curse lean their hands on his head, and the entire assembly shall stone him. Tell Bnei Yisrael that any man who blasphemes G-d will carry his sin. One who pronounces the name of G-d in a blasphemous way shall be put to death. The entire nation is to stone him.
  • The nation did as they were instructed and stoned the man to death outside of the camp.

  1. Murder and injury:
  • Punishment for murder: One who murders another person is to be killed.
  • Restitution for killing animal: One who kills an animal is to pay, a life for a life.
  • Injuring a friend: One who injures his friend is to have the same done upon him. A break for a break, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, as he did to his friend so shall be done to him [that he should pay the value to the injured friend].

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