Daily Chumash Shabbos, Bo: Sanctifying the first born



  1. Sanctifying the first born:
  • Hashem spoke to Moshe asking him to command the Jewish people: Every male firstborn of the womb of a person or animal is to be sanctified to me. The firstborn male is to be redeemed.
  • Firstborn donkey: Every firstborn donkey is to be redeemed with a lamb or kid, and if not then one is to break its neck.
  • If your children ask what this [Mitzvah] is [about], then you shall tell him that Hashem took us out from slavery with a strong hand, and he killed the Egyptian firstborns, and therefore I sacrifice to G-d my firstborn male animals, and redeem my firstborn sons.

  1. Moshe instructs the Jewish people the Pesach laws and commands:
  • Chametz and Matzah: Moshe spoke to the Jewish people telling them of Hashem’s commands not to eat Chametz during the seven days of Pesach and to celebrate the seventh day. To eat Matzos during the seven days, and not to see Chametz in one’s possession.
  • Mitzvah of Vehegadeta LeBincha: You shall tell your children on this day that it is on account of this that Hashem took you out of Egypt.
  • Mitzvah of Tefillin: The above is to be made a sign on your hand and a remembrance between your eyes, in order so the Torah of Hashem remain on your mouths.


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