Daily Chumash Shabbos, 11th Teves: Yosef provides food for the nation



  1. Yaakov and his family settle in Mitzrayim:
    • Yosef gave his father and brothers land in Ramseis, as Pharaoh instructed, and he supported them with food.


  1. Yosef provides food for the nation:
    • There was no food in the world, and Egypt and Canaan became weary due to hunger.
    • Money is used to purchase food: Yosef gathered all the money in Egypt and Canaan, as a result of their food purchases. The money was brought to the house of Yosef.
    • Cattle is used to purchase food: After the money ran out in Egypt and Canaan, all the people of Egypt approached Yosef and asked him for food, lest they die. Yosef then told them to trade their cattle in exchange for food. So, the Egyptians gave Yosef their horses, sheep, cows, and donkeys in exchange for food.
    • Land and people are traded in for food: After the first year of famine, the Egyptians implored Yosef to buy them as slaves, and buy their lands, in exchange for food. Yosef thus proceeded to purchase the entire land of Egypt for Pharaoh. The only land that was not purchased is the land of the priests, who were provided food by Pharaoh.
    • The people are moved around Egypt: Yosef moved the people from their native towns to the ends of Egypt.
    • Yosef distributes seeds for planting: Yosef distributed seeds to the people for them to plant and grow food in the lands. The people were instructed to give 20% to Pharaoh, and the remaining 80% they could keep for themselves.
    • Yisrael settled in the land of Egypt, in Goshen and multiplied.

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