Daily Chumash Naso Sunday – The census and services of the Levite family of Gershon

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  1. The census and services of the Levite family of Gershon:
  • Hashem commanded Moshe to count all the male members of the Gershon family who are between the ages of 30-50.
  • The Gershon family’s job of carrying the tapestries: The Gershon family servicemen are to carry the tapestries of the Mishkan, the spread of the Ohel Moed and its Tachash leather cover that is on it and the screen of the entrance to the Ohel Moed. They are to carry the curtains of the courtyard and its entrance screen, the ropes and all their accessories.
  • Ithamar the supervisor: Ithamar the son of Aaron was appointed to supervise their work.

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