Daily Chumash Monday, Yisro: Yisro advises Moshe how to smoothly run the court system



  1. Yisro advises Moshe how to smoothly run the court system:
  • Yisro witnesses a burdensome judicial system: The next day, Moshe sat to judge the nation, from morning until evening. Yisro witnessed all that Moshe was doing to the nation and chastised him for doing so, for sitting alone to judge while all the Jewish people await from morning until evening. Moshe responded that he is judging the nation and teaching them the laws of G-d. Yisro responded that this is not good, as it is too burdensome for one man to carry this alone, and it is thus also too burdensome on the people.
  • Yisro’s advice: “Now” says Yisro “let me advice you that you be for the people the direct speaker to G-d to covey to Him your queries, and to teach the nation of His commands. Find men of valor who are G-d fearing, men of truth who hate bribery, and appoint them as leaders of thousands, leaders of hundreds, leaders of fifties, and leaders of tens. Whatever matter is too difficult for them to arbitrate will be brought to you, but everything else will be judged by them, and so the burden will be lessened off [your shoulders]. If you do so, and G-d agrees with this, then you will be able to be successful, you and the nation.”

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