Daily Chumash Monday Shemini: The order of the eighth day of inauguration



  • The Mincha: The Mincha of the nation was offered. He filled his hand from it and offered it onto the altar.
  • The Shelamim: The Shelamim bull and ram of the nation was slaughtered and offered. The sons brought Aaron the blood and he threw it upon the Mizbeiach, all around. The fats of the bull and the ram, and the tail and the kidneys and the diaphragm of the liver were brought. The fats were placed on the breasts and were then offered on the altar. The breast and the right thigh were waved by Aaron before Hashem.
  • Birchas Kohanim: Aaron raised his hands towards the nation and blessed the Jewish people, and then descended from [the altar after] having performed the offerings.
  • Hashem appears: Moshe and Aaron finished blessing the Jewish people and the Shechina appeared before the nation.

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