Daily Chumash Tuesday, Beshalach: The sea splits



  1. The sea splits:
  • Hashem instructs Moshe: Hashem told Moshe to stop crying at Him, and that the Jewish people are to travel. Raise your staff over the sea and split it, and the Jewish people will enter the sea, on dry land. I will harden the heart of Egypt so they continue to give you chase, and I will be glorified through their army, and Egypt will know that I am G-d.
  • The clouds protect: The pillar of Hashem which usually stood before the camp, then moved behind them between the nation and Egypt. The cloud caused darkness for Egypt but gave light to the Jewish people. The two camps did not meet the entire night.
  • The sea splits: Moshe raised his staff over the sea and Hashem sent a strong east wind the entire night and He turned the sea to dry land, and the sea split. The Jewish people entered the sea and it became for them a wall on the right and left. The entire Egyptian army followed them into the sea in a chase.
  • Hashem causes the Egyptian army to enter into disarray: Towards morning, Hashem looked down upon the Egyptian camp with a pillar of fire and cloud and He entered them into disarray. He caused the wheels of the wagons to fall off. The Egyptians exclaimed “We shall flee before the Jewish people, as their G-d is fighting for them.”

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