Daily Chumash Metzora Thursday-The Zav impurity



  • This concludes the laws of all the types of Tzaraas.

  1. The Zav impurity:
    • Hashem spoke to Moshe and Aaron telling them to speak to Bnei Yisrael regarding the laws of Zav. A man who has a flow of semen like fluid is to be declared impure.
    • Contact with the Zav: Whatever bed he lies on and whatever seat he sits on becomes impure. One who touches his bed becomes impure until the night. Whoever sits on his seat becomes impure until the night. Whoever touches the skin of the Zav is impure until the night. If the Zav spits on a person he is impure until the night. Whatever ride the Zav rides on becomes impure and whoever touches it is impure. Whoever the Zav touches becomes impure. An earthenware vessel that is touched by the Zav becomes impure and is to be destroyed. A wood vessel is to be immersed in water.
    • Purification process of Zav: The Zav is to count seven days and immerse his clothing and body in water. On the eighth day he is to take two birds and bring them to the Ohel Moed to the Kohen. The Kohen is to offer one as a Chatas and one as an Olah.


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