Daily Chumash Shabbos Tzav: Eating the sacrifices



  1. Anointing the Kohanim with the oil and blood:
  • Moshe took the anointing oil [Shemen Hamishcha] and blood that was on the altar and sprinkled on Aaron and his sons and their clothing, and they were all sanctified.
  1. Eating the sacrifices:
  • Moshe told Aaron and his sons to cook the meat in front of the Ohel Moed and eat it there. Likewise, the bread is to be eaten there. The leftover meat and bread is to be burnt.
  • Not to leave the Ohel Moed: Aaron and his sons are to remain for the full seven days, day and night, in the opening of the Ohel Moed, until the end of the inauguration. They are not to leave the area, lest they die.
  • Aaron and his sons followed all the instructions they were given.

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