Daily Chumash Friday Tzav: The second inauguration ram



  1. The second inauguration ram:
  • Aaron and his sons performed Semicha to the head of the second [Shelmaim] ram offering.
  • Placing the blood on the ears and thumbs: It was slaughtered, and its blood was taken by Moshe and placed on the edges of the right ear and right thumb of the hand and toe of Aaron and his sons. The remainder of the blood was poured around the altar.
  • Waving the offering and the Kohanim: Moshe took the fat, and the tail and all the fat that covers the intestines and the diaphragm of the liver and the two kidneys, and the right thigh. He also took one bread from each of the baskets and he placed them on the fats and the right leg. He placed them all on the palm of Aaron and his sons and waved them before Hashem. Moshe removed the foods off the palm of their hands and offered them before G-d.
  • Moshe took the breast of the ram and waved it before Hashem. It was a present to Moshe from Hashem.

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