Daily Chumash Friday, Teruma: The Mizbeiach/altar



  1. The Mizbeiach/altar:
  • Material: The altar is to be made of acacia shittim wood.
  • Dimensions: It is to be made into a square, its length being five Amos, and its width also being five Amos. It is to be three Amos high. It is to be hollow.
  • Its particulars: It is to contain horns on each of its four corners, and [the horns and the entire Mizbeiach] are to be covered with copper.
  • Its accessories: You shall make for it: Pots to remove its ashes, shovels, sprinkling basins, prongs, and fire-pans. It is all to be made of copper.
  • Its netting: A copper netting shall be made which encompasses the altar, and it is to have four copper rings placed on each of its four corners. The netting is to be placed under the band of the altar and is to reach half the height of the altar.
  • Its poles: You shall make poles of acacia shittim wood which are covered with copper. They are to be inserted into the rings and used to carry the altar.

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