Daily Chumash Friday Pikudei: The Mishkan is completed



  1. The Mishkan is completed:
  • The date: So it was on the first day of the first month of the second year the Mishkan was erected.
  • Moshe assembles the Mishkan: Moshe erected the Mishkan. He positioned its sockets, beams, polls and pillars. He spread out the tent over the Mishkan and placed the skin coverings over it.
  • Moshe assembles the Aron: He placed the Luchos in the Aron, and inserted the polls to the Aron, and placed the Kapores on top. He brought the Aron into the Mishkan and placed the Paroches in front of it.
  • Moshe positions the Shulchan: He placed the Shulchan in the Ohel Moed towards the northern side, outside the Paroches. He arranged the bread on the Shulchan.
  • Moshe positions and lights the Menorah: He placed the Menorah in the Ohel Moed opposite the Shulchan towards the southern side. He lit the candles on the Menorah.
  • Moshe positions the gold altar: He placed the gold altar in the Ohel Moed in front of the Paroches. He offered incense on it.

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