Daily Chumash Friday Ki Sisa: List of Mitzvos



  • Hashem agrees to distinguish the Jewish people: Hashem replied that He will make a covenant that He will distinguish the Jewish people from the other nations of the land.
  1. List of Mitzvos:
  • Banishing the Canaanite nations and idolatry: Hashem told Moshe that He will drive the Canaanite nations from the land, and that Moshe should beware not to make a treaty with them. You are to destroy their altars, statues, and trees of idolatry as Hashem is a zealous G-d who will not stand for idolatry. If you make a covenant with these nations, you may be led astray and join them in their feasts of idolatry. You may come to intermarry, and it will cause your children to stray after their G-ds.
  • Do not make for yourselves molten G-ds.
  • Pesach: Guard the festival of Pesach for seven days and eat Matzos in the month of spring. Do not slaughter the Pesach lamb over Chametz, or leave its meat leftover until morning.
  • Bechoros: Every firstborn is Mine, the firstborn male of an ox or sheep. The firstborn donkey is to be redeemed with a sheep, or have its neck broken.
  • Aliya Liregel: The Jewish people shall not come to see Me empty handed. They are to visit Hashem three times a year. Their property will remain protected during their visit.
  • Shabbos: You are to work for six days and rest on Shabbos from plowing and harvesting.
  • Shavuos: You are to celebrate Shavuos during the time of the wheat harvest.
  • Bikurim: You are to bring first fruits to Hashem.
  • Meat and milk: Do not cook a kid in its mother’s milk.

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