Daily Chumash Behar-Tuesday-Sustenance during years of Shemitah

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  1. Sustenance during years of Shemitah:

  • The land will give plentiful of produce and you will eat to satisfaction and dwell securely on it. Now, if you ask “What shall we eat in the 7th year if we cannot sow the land or harvest our grain” I promise you my blessing to support the Jewish people during Shemitah year by making the 6th year grow plenty of produce. You will sow in the 8th year and still eat from the 7th years produce until the new crop arrives in the 9th

  1. Selling and redeeming ancestral fields:

  • A property of ancestral heritage may not be sold eternally, for it belongs to Hashem. It is rather to be redeemed.

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