Daily Chumash Bamidbar Sunday – Hashem commands Moshe to take a census of the Jewish people

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  1. Hashem commands Moshe to take a census of the Jewish people:
  • When: Hashem spoke to Moshe in the Sinai desert in the Ohel Moed on the first day of the second month [i.e. 1st of Iyar] in the second year of leaving Egypt.
  • Who is counted: He commanded him to count the Jewish people according to their families, counting every male who is twenty years of age and above.
  • Choosing tribal leaders: One leader and representative of each tribe shall count with you. The following are the names of these leaders:
  • Reuvein: Elitzur Ben Shedeur
  • Shimon: Shelumiel Ben Tzurishadai
  • Yehuda: Nachshon Ben Amminadav
  • Yissachar: Nisanel Ben Tzuar
  • Zevulun: Eliav Ben Cheilon
  • Ephraim: Elishama Ben Ammihud
  • Minasheh: Gamliel Ben Pedahtzur
  • Binyamin: Avidan Ben Gideoni.
  • Dan: Achiezer Ben Amishaddai
  • Asher: Pagiel Ben Ochran
  • Gad: Eliasaf Ben Deuel
  • Naftali: Achira Ben Einan
  • Moshe took all the above-mentioned individuals and he gathered the entire congregation on the first of the second month and the genealogy of each family was established. All men above 20 years of age were counted as Hashem commanded Moshe.

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