Malkus on Erev Yom Kippur

Malkus-Lashes:[1] When?[2] It is customary to receive 39 lashes on Erev Yom Kippur[3] [after midday] prior to going to Mikveh[4], prior to Mincha.[5] Why?[6] Although Malkus is no longer affective in today’s times due to lack of judges that have Semicha and due to lack of Hasara[7], nevertheless the custom […]

Motzei Rosh Hashanah-Havdalah

This article is an excerpt from our Sefer Buy me here or on Motzei R”H: A. Shemoneh Esrei: In Shemoneh Esrei one must remember to add the following statements: Zachreinu; Mi Kamocha; Hamelech Hakadosh; Hamelech Hamishpat; Ukesov; Ubesefer, Oseh Hashalom. For further details on the laws relating to Shemoneh […]

Sleeping on Rosh Hashanah

 This article is an excerpt from our Sefer Buy me here or on Sleeping on Rosh Hashanah day:[1] It is customary to avoid[2] sleeping on Rosh Hashanah day[3] in order to prevent ones “Mazel” from sleeping.[4] Nevertheless, one who misuse’s his time is equivalent to one who is sleeping.[5] [One should therefore […]