Eating eggs on Lag Baomer

Listen here to Audio Eating eggs on Lag Baomer:[1] Some are accustomed  to eat hard boiled eggs on Lag BaOmer.[2] This custom was followed by the Chabad Rabbeim and Chabad Chassidim of many generations.[3] Some Poskim[4], however, write to specifically not eat eggs on this day in order not to […]

Lag BaOmer

1. Historical background-What occurred on Lag BaOmer? It is accustomed to increase slightly in joy on Lag BaOmer.[1] Various reasons behind this celebration have been recorded.[2] The classical reason recorded in Poskim[3] is that on this day, Lag BaOmer, the last of the 24,000 students died. Others[4] however write that […]

Pesach Sheiyni

This Halacha is an excerpt from our Sefer Buy me here or on Pesach Sheiyni 1. Background of Pesach Sheiyni:[1] In the times of the Temple, a person who did not bring the Pesach offering in the 14th of Nissan, either due to being impure or due to being a distance from Jerusalem, […]

Castrating an animal or human

Castration & Sterilization to humans and animals: The prohibition:[1] Male humans/animals: It is [Biblically] forbidden to destroy [i.e. castrate] the reproductive organs of any male creature, whether human, animal, bird [or even fish[2]].[3] This prohibition applies whether the species is Kosher or impure. This prohibition applies whether in Israel or […]